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Descriptions of the conference workshops


Exploring a mid-nineteenth century relief printing technique

Graciela Machado (FBAUP / i2ADS), Marta Belkot (FBAUP, DAP) & Sandra Costa Brás (FBAUP, DAP).
Thursday, 30 january, FBAUP (Printmaking workshop), 10h00 – 17h00 (6h)

Workshop Description

Workshop dedicated to the technological reconstruction of a relief printing technique developed to be combined with letterpress printing. During the workshop, we will experiment methods used most widely in reproducing illustration. We will draw inspiration from no longer existing process papers, starting with transfer lithographic paper, up to studio handmade gillot paper. At the end, one relief printing plate will be produced using the original method of lithographic paper transfer into zinc plate.

Workshop Instructors

Graciela Machado. Born in 1970, Porto. Degree in Fine Arts Painting ESBAP in 1993, MA in Printmaking , Slade School of Fine Art in 1996, PhD in Drawing by the Faculty of Fine Arts University of the Basque Country Fellowships by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and FCT Lecturer and resercher at Fbaup/i2ads Coordinates Pure Pure, International meeting in Porto since 2013. Her artistic practice is centered on the practice of lithography and issues of exploitation of time, technology and landscape, and exhibits regularly. Participated in artist in residence at Art Studio Itsukaichi Japan, Franz Masereel Centrum Belgium, Bartolomeu Cid dos Santos Tavira

Marta Belkot. Born 1989 in Katowice, Poland. With a degree and master's degree in Printmaking and Drawing at the Academy of Fine Arts of the same city, he also studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto and the Academy of Lodz, Poland. In the same area, held a professional internship at the University of Porto. As a visual artist, he creates objects, drawings, photos, films and graphics.

This workshop will take place at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Printmaking workshop.




Andreu Balius (TypeRepublic / EINA) & Roberto Gamonal (Familia Plómez / UCM
Thursday, 30 january, ESAD Printing Workshop, 10h00 – 13h00 (3h)

Workshop Description

The objective of this workshop is to make a tribute commemorating the centenary of Joan Trochut, the author of the Super Tipo Veloz typographic system. Following the concept of Post Digital Letterpress, we will work with a selection of modules cut with laser in methacrylate.

With them we will make compositions combining the modules to make a poster to celebrate this commemoration and print it in letterpress. The mixture of the two techniques will allow us to work quickly to explore different possibilities and their results can be exposed at the end of the workshop. The way to work will be simple and fast, although not as much as on a computer ;)

First we will make a brief introduction to this ingenious typographic system to show how you worked with it. Once your combinatorial ability is understood, the students will be able to make a preliminary sketch with the help of a stencil. Then they will take the pieces of the modules they have used in their design and create the composition by gluing those pieces on a uniform wooden base.

Finally it is inked and printed in a proofing press ... and voila: super fast, super veloz.

Workshop Instructors

Andreu Balius is a type designer based in Barcelona (Spain). He runs his own design Studio where he designs corporate custom and retail typefaces. He's a member of AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale) and ATypI (Association Typographique Internationale). In 2003 he established the digital foundry typerepublic.com, where he publishes his fonts. He's carried out corporate custom type design projects for such companies and firms as Victoria's Secret, Ferrovial, Instituto Cervantes, La Vanguardia newspaper, among others. He holds a PhD in Design from the University of Southampton (UK) and is an associate professor at Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona). He has participated in several international events, giving conferences and workshops. Apart from his type affairs, he likes travelling, riding on his mountain bike and making friends.

Roberto Gamonal Arroyo. Designer and teacher and academic researcher. He holds a Ph.D. in Applied Creativity and Master in Design from the Faculty of Fine Arts UCM. Bachelor of Science in Information UCM where he is currently associate professor in the Department of Journalism II where he teaches courses related to communication design in journalism. He co-directs the MA "Editorial Design print and digital media" and the specialization course "Design Typography" at the Istituto Europeo di Design - IED Madrid. In this center also collaborates in teaching related subjects in typography. He has been Visiting Research Professor at the School of Design at the University of Guanajuato (Mexico) and the School of Applied Arts in Castelo Branco (Portugal). It belongs to the research groups and Ciberimaginario and SOCMEDIA which brings its expertise in design view in different research and development projects. Also part of the ICONO 14 scientific association which is part of the board. It is also part of the editorial board of ICONO 14, scientific journal dedicated to Communication and Emerging Technologies. His research interests are directed at the contribution of design in other disciplines and discursive relationship established with them. He is interested in both the most advanced technologies of information and communication as the oldest. The result of this is their belonging to groups UnosTiposDuros and Cultural Association Familia Plómez that review the history of typography and composition techniques and printing craftsmanship.

P22 Blox printing system

Amelia Fontanel (RIT / CGAC) & Richard Kegler (P22)
Thursday, 30 january, EASR (Printing Workshop), 10h00 – 17h00 (6h)

P22 Blox is a set of modular letterpress printing blocks made from space age material—plastic! It allows for a wide variety of lettering, experimental letterforms and pattern making, giving printers an entirely new medium to inspire modern presswork. This project was created as a collaboration between P22 Analog and Starshaped Press in Chicago. P22 Blox are injection molded plastic printing blocks for letterpress printers and educators. Based on Bauhaus principles of basic shapes, these simple forms can be assembled to make any letters of the alphabet. These Blox make for great team design and printing exercises in the classroom and are a great way to introduce letterpress printing on any level of printing press. The endless possibilities of how Blox can be assembled make for great creative thinking workshops. Unlike traditional printing materials such as wood and metal, these plastic Blox remove the intimidation factor of setting type by hand. Plus their light-weight square shapes are just easy and fun to work with.


Amelia Fontanel​ is a curator at the R​ IT Cary Graphic Arts Collection,​ a renowned library that collects on design, typography, and the book arts. As manager of the Cary technology collection, she is responsible for teaching and maintaining some 23 different presses and thousands of fonts of metal and wood type. She is actively involved in the American letterpress community, holding board positions with the American Printing History Association and the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum.

Richard Kegler​ is the founder and lead designer of ​P22 Type Foundry.​ As founder of the Western New York Book Arts Center in Buffalo NY, Richard combined an interest in traditional crafts along with an entrepreneurial background to help create a self-sustaining community organization. The new P22 studio in Rochester, New York focuses on both digital and analog printing and typography.

This workshop will take place at the Escola Artística Soares dos Reis printing workshop room.

Letterpress and almost-revolutions

Rita Carvalho (Delli - Universidade Lusófona), Jorge Araújo (ESE-IPP)
Thursday, 30 january, ESE (Printing Workshop), 10h00 – 17h00 (6h)

On the imminent date of January 31st, the motto for this workshop must be Revolution, or rather: ALMOST-REVOLUTION! Thus, some ideas of non-consummated revolution found in texts, music and objects will be explored and expressed through letterpress (in a more typographic or illustrative way). Examples of Work from Robin Fior and Alan Kitching, among others, will be provided for inspiration.

Workshop Instructors

Rita Carvalho teaches Communication Design at DELLI - Universidade Lusófona of Humanities and Technologies, developing with students some little experiences in Letterpess. PhD in Design by FAUL with thesis on Illustration in colonial context. She holds a master's degree in Visual Arts from the University of Évora with a project that intersects Graffiti and Medieval Marginalia and a degree in Communication Design from FBAUP. Her main areas of interest are: Illustration, Letterpess, Graphic Narratives, Illumination and Illustration History and Criticism. Since 2002 has been working as a designer, illustrator and graphic artist, with participation in various publications and exhibitions.

Jorge Araújo has a degree in Visual Arts (2012) and a masters in Visual Art Education (2014) both awarded by the School of Education of the Polytechnic of Porto. Currently he is working as a designer and printer of all things, from letterpress, silkscreen, Risograph to 3D printing. He is also been a professor at the School of Education (Art Department) since 2018, teaching typography and printing techniques. He is undertaken his second masters degree at FBAUP —Graphic Design and Editorial Projects— in which he is developing his thesis around the them Orthotypography.

This workshop will take place at the Escola Superior de Educação printing workshop room.